Icynene® 1/2lb Spray Foam

City Fibreglas Insulation Ltd. is a licensed dealer, trained in the installation of “The Icynene ® Insulation System”. Icynene ® is a spray-in-place, light-density, expanding foam that expands, within seconds, to 100 times its volume providing thermal resistance along with the critical barrier against air and moisture movement.

Icynene® was developed in Canada, is CCMC approved, is not a food source for mold and contains no harmful chemical emissions previously associated with spray foams. With Icynene ®, water is the blowing agent.

Icynene ® can potentially reduce air infiltration by more than 90% with just the application alone. There is no need for excess sealing material to acquire the airtight thermal envelope necessary for increased energy efficiency. In one step, it creates a complete insulation and air barrier system to seal all gaps and crevices that compromise airtightness. Its effective air infiltration control allows for HVAC equipment rightsizing for optimal energy efficiency, thereby delivering energy cost savings of up to 50% versus traditional insulation options. 

A proven technology, Icynene® delivers multiple benefits including superior thermal performance, healthier indoor air, moisture management, up to 50% in energy savings, and reduced sound transmission. It is an environmentally friendly insulation and an air barrier system that contains no harmful emissions.

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Visit the Official Website of the Icycene Spray Foam at www.icynene.com

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